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21-25 September 2020



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What is MarketEdLite?

Instead of our usual in-person, hugfest of a conference (postponed until September 2021), we're giving you the chance to scrub up on your marketing skills. You see, we just couldn't go a whole year without bringing great marketing education to you - that's what we're all about.

Starting Monday 21 September 2020, on our online learning platform, we're releasing a series of course content, designed to get you on top of your marketing game. A great opportunity to revisit core principles and discover exciting new concepts of marketing. A chance to help your business recover by learning skills and strategies that will propel you forward, leaving this negative situation behind.

Tickets for the all sessions are a staggering £60 (includes VAT). An absolute steal.

That's not all. Ticket holders to this event can reclaim the value off a ticket to MarketEd.Live 2021, making this online learning cost-neutral.

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MarketEdLite is not this. This is what you could have won!

MarketEdLite will bring educational value, without the need to social distance.

Why Attend MarketEdLite?

Learn new strategies

Learn new strategies and techniques to improve your marketing performance.

The MarketEd.Live community

Join a community of marketing professionals, willing to share best practice.

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Reclaim the ticket price against a ticket to MarketEd.Live 2021.


MarketEdLite Speakers 

We’re still finalising our full slate of speakers, but here’s just a sample of who’s already on board. 

Jenn Herman

Jenn Herman

Instagram Expert,
Jenn's Trends

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Paul Ince



Oliver Bridge

Oli Bridge

Chief Marketing Officer,

Matt Davies

Matt Davies

Brand & Culture
Strategy Consultant

Kenda Macdonald

Kenda Macdonald

Automation Ninjas

Jo Berthelot

Jo Berthelot

Founder & CEO,
Crescent Copywriting

Jennifer Watson

Jennifer Watson

Social Media Manager,

Phylecia Jones

Phylecia Jones

iFind You Close

Thierry Ngutegure

Thierry Ngutegure

Data and Insights Managers,
Rise at Seven

Natalie Hailey

Natalie Hailey



Two sessions are released daily. Once released the sessions are then available on demand.

Monday 21 September


BizPaul - Where do we go from here?

Insights into the latest MarketEd research with analysis on what the results tell us about what's next for marketers trying to promote their brands in a challenging environment.

Jenn Herman

Jenn Hermann - How the Instagram algorithm works - and how to make it work for you

In this session, Jenn Herman, a globally recognized Instagram expert, will cover what you need to know about how Instagram works. Jenn will explain how content is prioritized and sorted in the feed, Stories, and search results. She will help you get a better understanding of how & when your content is shown on Instagram. Jenn will show you how to tailor your posts, descriptions, and hashtags to leverage Instagram in your favor. This information will provide you with the insight into content strategies to help you create content that ranks higher, gets more engagement, and drives more conversions for your business.

Tuesday 22 September

Matt Davies

Matt Davies - Brand relevance: a practical workshop on how to pivot to stay relevant in a post-Covid world

How do you help your people and your customers feel safe? How do you create experiences which are helpful and inspirational? How can you align your leadership and your team to solve the big problems? This workshop will give you a system which you can deploy immediately into your business to ensure your bounce-back is a success.

Jo Berthelot

Jo Berthelot - Crafting a content strategy that makes you memorable

A solid content strategy is a must when it comes to getting regular and good-quality content out, but it doesn’t have to be a headache. In this workshop, Jo will take you through some strategies to create content ideas, as well as helping you craft a strategy so you have a plan to stick to.

Wednesday 23 September

Natalie Hailey

Natalie Hailey - How to accelerate the growth of your YouTube channel in 5 steps

Are you frustrated that you're not getting traction on your YouTube channel? Wish your views and subscriber numbers were growing quicker? Good news! There's SO much you can do to supercharge the growth of your channel and I'm going to give you 5 ways to do it!

Phylecia Jones

Phylecia Jones - Upgrading your speaking career for virtual events

With so many events going virtual, this opens up many opportunities for speakers, consultants and business owners to market their business on stage. Learn how you can translate the stage to the webcam, capture and engage an audience and create meaningful graphics that will sell your business while adding value to attendees.

Thursday 24 September

Kenda Macdonald

Kenda Macdonald - 5 cognitive biases that are undermining your marketing and how to fix them

Brains make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can cost your hard-earned sale. Learn how to identify and avoid five of the most common mistakes your consumers brains are making, and what you can do to make sure your marketing wins. Leave the session with strategies and tools to spot bias and get your message through for sales and marketing that's optimised for brains.

Thierry Ngutegure

Thierry Ngutegure - How to develop and deliver a data-led PR strategy

Sending an email to a journalist in the hope that they will pick up your press release simply won't cut it in 2020. Using data-led insights that sell the story itself, businesses vastly increase the chance of the story being published and driving traffic to their websites. In this session, Thierry will go through different ways to develop and deliver a data-led PR strategy showing examples from Rise at Seven, seen as leading in this area.

Friday 25 September

Oliver Bridge

Oliver Bridge - Video funnel masterclass: 5 sure-fire strategies to convert more customers in 2020

There's a new funnel in town... It's name is Video Funnels. In this session Oli will walk through the new concept of video funnels, and share simple framework for using video to convert more customers and turn them into high-referring super-fans of your business. The session will be full of detailed instructions for how to build and launch your own video funnels, so arrive with a clear head and a notepad in your holster.

Jennifer Watson

Jennifer Watson - How to Create a Successful Live Show & Be Confident on Camera!

In this session, you'll learn how to build a live video strategy from scratch, equipment and setup needed for live video production and real-world examples of what really gets views, for B2B and B2C businesses. You'll also discover the best way to tell your story and connect with consumers by creating a unique and immersive experience, that increases engagement and builds brand loyalty.

Helping with accessibility and learning needs

All sessions will be captioned for those who need them or wish to watch with them.

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We are proud to have been awarded DICE recommended event status, demonstrating our commitment to promoting a diverse range of voices and perspectives in our industry.

Hearing different viewpoints has never been more important. For us this is about being active in broadening horizons and representing the varied demographics we serve. It is not about tokenism.

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